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tracing agenciesJTL Services includes People & Debtor Tracing Countrywide in South Africa including Kwazulu Natal, Gauteng, Limpopo, North West, Mpumalanga, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Free State.

Using the Tracing Service is Easy

We all know that the tracing industry has become an integrated and invaluable part of the debt collection process. Doing business with JTL Tracers is easy – you contact us, we reach an agreement and you tell us what debt collection service you want us to do and when you want it done... and we strive do it on time the first time.

South Africa Countrywide Tracer Services Agents Our Debt Collection Approach

  • The fact remains that tracing has become nothing else than a profession and the process needs to be performed by highly experienced and open minded bad debt collectors.
  • JTL were successful in obtaining the above qualities that proves to be an important asset to its clients' collection process.
  • We strive to perfection and with our flexible approach and access to cutting edge technology we can quickly implement additional systems or methods when the need arises.

Growing Tracing Services

At JTL Tracers CC Services we are proud of our specific involvement in the tracing industry.

Our rapid debtors tracers growth and successful tracing records combined with applicable strategic planning makes us one of the pacemakers in this sophisticated debtors industry.

Creditors Invitation

The JTL debtors tracing team wish you every success with the debt collection process and trust that our paths will cross sooner than expected.

Thank you for visiting our debtors tracers agencies portal.

Our passion for our service forms a valuable part of the outstanding debtors collection process.

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